“Customers are completely dependent upon their 3PL provider to supply the following important pieces of information:

  • Order updates
  • Shipment tracking information
  • Inventory availability

When a provider fails to provide requested information promptly and accurately, the result is customer dissatisfaction…failure to properly respond can result in a negative chain effect of lost customers.” – 3PLNEWS

At FutureTrans, we always have an ear to the track and pass along news and information we think can impact your business. This 3PLNEWS post underscores the importance of maintaining responsive communications with customers and a solid TMS to manage your business. If you are operating with manual processes or outdated software system, it’s likely costing you time, money and customers.

FutureTrans is a scalable next generation software that is easy to integrate, simple to use and is designed to enhance communication with your customers by giving you complete access to your freight with just a click.

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Technological Inefficiencies Can Ruin a Customer Relationship

Outdated technology can drastically impede the efficiency of a 3PL company. No 3PL customer wants to hear the reasons behind a delayed shipment. Customers hire 3PL companies because 3PL firms offer supply chain expertise. They should not have to worry about the failed integration of their 3PL provider’s software systems. While every organization experiences sporadic technological difficulties, 3PL companies have a responsibility to ensure that their software systems are current and designed to be compatible with existing technology.

How to Prevent Technological Failures from Driving Customers to Competitors

There are multiple measures that 3PL companies can take to ensure that their technology is updated and primed to handle the addition of employees, large orders and future anticipated changes. By taking the following steps, 3PL companies can help make sure that shipments are not delayed due to technological inefficiencies:

  • Ensure that all employees receive thorough training on software systems
  • Formally review the effectiveness of systems at least once per quarter
  • Invest in sufficient software licenses and make sure they are kept up to date
  • Request a demo of a new software system prior to purchasing the system