FutureTrans continues to follow industry treads and conditions, Transportation Insights recently released its Q3 2021: Transportation and Logistics Forecast (link), this is worth the sign up and download.

The TI report includes insights on planning for anticipated parcel pressures ahead during the holiday season.

LTL Costs and Capacity Crunches, fuel surcharges are expected to trend upward to 22%.

Truckload Demands are extremely high with tighter capacities, elevated contract rates and astronomical spot rates (some increases are as high as 61%).

FED EX and other carriers have implemented an unprecedented peak surcharge on LTL shipments in nearly 1,000 zip codes until further notices.

If you are asking yourself are you ready to tackle another unprecedented peak season? If you are not utilizing a Transportation Management System, it will be difficult to search for the best rates to help mitigate cost increases and off-set surcharges. With the right tools even chaos can be an incredible opportunity.

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