FutureTrans plays an important role in tracking the supply chain and managing your freight management. In today’s climate, you need a tool that provides a clear, concise, consolidated view of your freight, giving you an opportunity to weigh what’s working and which areas may need improvement.

In order to understand the complete value to a business, let’s take a step back and gain some understanding of the positioning and value of a Transportation Management System (TMS).

In the world of freight management there are three main systems.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Allocation – measuring and managing internal and external parts of an organization.
  • Warehouse Management System – managing warehouse functions and duties as well as inventory
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) – move and manage freight, anything from raw materials to finished products

A TMS is a cloud-based tool or on-line software program (not all are cloud based but an advantage for those that are) that companies use to efficiently manage their logistics and transportation functions.

What are the principle functions of a TMS?

A TMS integrates, centralizes and arranges freight management data to allow your freight manager to:

  • Load planning and carrier management
  • Shipment scheduling and execution
  • Tracking Freight
  • Reporting, an important aspect of customer relations
  • Management of financial transactions (payment and invoice settlement)
  • Analytics, performance and financial indicators

FutureTrans TMS gives shippers visibility into the day-to-day operations and an overall view of their performance.

FutureTrans is a next generation cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) for managing your freight, that is easy to learn, simple to use, responsive, fast and efficient.

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